Ukulele Marketplace

Just like potato chips, you can’t have just one ukulele. Once you get the first, you’re likely already looking for your next acquisition. Sometimes our members over acquire ukuleles and they (or their spouses) decide they should part with one or two. When our members have ukuleles available for sale, we’ll post them here. In addition, we have some very talented members who make beautiful ukulele straps. We’ll show you what they have available, too!

If you are interested in any of the ukuleles posted here, e-mail us through the contact page and we’ll forward it to the member offering the item for sale.

Makala MK-B baritone, with gig bag, strap, and new D’Aquila strings. Recently replaced D’Addario strings. One and a half years old.  In excellent condition. List price $117.99 for the ukulele only. $80 minimum with 10% of sales price donated to Las Cruces Ukes.