Performance History

The Las Cruces Ukes began performing in 2014 at the urging of one of our members. Here’s what we’ve done since that day!

2014 Performances

June 18        Village at Northrise

June 26        Golden Mesa

July 18         Village at Northrise Morningside

August 10      Golden Mesa

August 27      Village at Northrise, Desert Willow

September 8    Cottonbloom Assisted Living

September 16          Good Samaritan Assisted Living

September 30          Good Samaritan auditorium

October 6                Cottonbloom Assisted Living

October 18              The Aristocrat Assisted Living

October 27              Village at Northrise, Hallmark building

November 11          Rio Grande Theatre, Every Other Tuesday

November 17          Cottonbloom Assisted Living

December 8            Golden Mesa

2015 Performances

January 18               Friend of the Library Annual Meeting

January 25               Desert Peaks

February 14             Branigan Cultural Center, For the Love of Art Month

March 14                 Aerial Tramway State Park, El Paso

March 28                 Unsettled Gallery

March 28                 Sagecrest Assisted Living

May 2                      NMSU, Aggies in Paradise

May 29                    Las Cruces UkeFest with special guest Mark Baker

June 6                      Cancer Survivors Day, Memorial Medical Center

July 2                      Barnes & Noble, Throw Back to the Fifties

July 7                      Arbors of Del Rey

July 14                    Montana Meadows Senior Housing

August 8                 Golden Mesa luau

August 12               Casa del Sol Care & Rehabilitation

August 28               Desert Peaks Senior Facility

September 5           Village at Northrise

September 13          Roger McCandless’ Aloha Party

September 25         The Rio Grande (Rio Rancho, NM)

October 17              Southwest Environmental Center fundraiser

December 10          Good Samaritan auditorium

December 15          Blinded Veterans group

December 17          Golden Mesa

December 22          Rio Grande Theatre, Every Other Tuesday

2016 Performances

February 22            St. Paul’s United Methodist Church Volunteer Appreciation Event

March 23                Milagro’s Coffee y Espresso

April 14                  Arbors at del Rey

April 16                  DACC Family Fun Day, East Mesa Campus

May 7                     Railroad Days at Las Cruces Railroad Museum

May 22                   T.J. Diaz celebration of life

May 28                   Las Cruces UkeFest concert

June 4                    Private birthday party luau

June 18                  El Caldito Veterans Appreciation Dinner

July 23                   Christmas in July at Golden Mesa

August 13              Men Who Cook hospice fundraiser

August 22             La Posada assisted living

September 16       Boulders on the Green luau

September 21       AARP meeting, Senior Circle

September 23      Albuquerque Ukekopelli festival concert

September 27       Casa del Sol resident luau

October 15            SWEC fundraiser

October 21            Empty Bowls fundraiser

November 5         Doña Ana Arts Council Renaissance ArtsFaire

December 7          Good Samaritan holiday show

December 8          Golden Mesa holiday show

December 14        Every 2nd Wednesday, Rio Grande Theatre, holiday show

2017 Performances

February 4            Branigan Cultural Center, Love of Art Month

April 28                 Village at Northrise Hallmark Building

April 29                 Doña Ana Community College Cultural Event

May 13                  Flamingo Party (private party)

May 17                  Las Cruces Ukes Teen Club performance at APECH Senior Honors Night

May 19                  Las Cruces UkeFest 2017 concert

June 3                   Cancer Survivors Day

June 10                 El Caldito Soup Kitchen Veterans Appreciation event

June 15                First Baptist Church senior members group

August 17            Golden Mesa luau

September 22     Village at Northrise

October 20           Empty Bowls fundraiser

December 14       Rio Grande Theatre

December 19       Blinded Veterans meeting

December 20       AARP holiday meeting

December 21       Good Samaritan – Las Cruces Village

2018 Performances

April 22                Doña Ana County Senior Olympics Talent Competition

April 28               Gals of Las Cruces

May 18                 Las Cruces UkeFest

June 20                Library Rocks!

July                      Bev Hale memorial service

August 25           Desert Peaks assisted living

September 8       Casa del Sol assisted living

October 20          New Mexico State Veterans Home

November 17     Marge Ducommun memorial

December 13     Holiday concert at Good Samaritan

December 19     Rotary Club at La Posta

December 20     Village at Northrise independent living

2019 Performances

February 5         Mission Lutheran

February 9         For the Love of Music, Branigan Cultural Center

February 14       Centennial High School

March 9              Stilled Strings Concert – Fundraiser for hospice

April 5                 NARFE

June 27               Hacienda at Grace Villages Memory Care

July 1                   Wellbrook nursing care

August 10          Men Who Cook hospice fundraiser

August 15           Music for Seniors

December 4       Parks & Recreation Annual Awards Luncheon

December 6       Caroling for Kitties

December 9       Village at Northrise

December 14     Caroling for Kitties

December 15    Holiday concert at Good Samaritan

December 21     Hacienda at Grace Villages

2020 Performances

February 16    For the Love of Art Month concert

(And there was a pandemic!)

2022 Performances

December 8          Good Samaritan – Las Cruces Village

December 12        Casa del Sol

December 14         Downtown Blues Coffee

December 15         Village at Northrise